Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I subscribe, do I get access to all of the videos on your site?

    Yes! A YidFlicks subscription will give you access to all of the hundreds of videos we have on our site.

  • Will one subscription work well for my whole family? 

    Our subscriptions are meant to accommodate an entire family. We have content geared towards children of all different ages on our platform.

  • Am I able to download the videos so my children can watch the videos when they do not have internet access? 

    YidFlicks videos can not be downloaded. As long as you have wifi, you can stream our videos from anywhere – worldwide!

  • I've subscribed, but none of the videos are playing.

    This is most probably happening because of an internet filter on your computer. To resolve this problem, you have to whitelabel and then the videos will start playing.

  • Will Yidflicks work with all internet filters? 

    As long as you white list our hosting site, you should be good to go. You may need to contact your internet filter provider to let them know to make an exception for

  • How many devices can I log into with a purchase of one subscription?

    Every subscription allows you to log in from three separate devices.

  • How do I know if my child will enjoy the videos?

    We suggest going to our browse page: to see all of the different types of content we have on the site. We also have some trailers that are free to view to give you an idea of how much fun a YidFlicks subscription is!

  • I can't afford your membership. Can I have a discount?

    YidFlicks offers a special yearly discount of $119.99, allowing you to save significantly over a monthly subscription.

  • Do you have an app? 

    We do not have an app at this time, but stay tuned.

  • Is there a rabbi who gives their approval on the site?

    We are extremely careful about what content we put on our platform. Yidflicks makes sure that our videos are of the highest standard for a Kosher frum home.

  • Does the platform support Chromecast?

    We do not have a dedicated Chromecast feature to allow you to specifically cast YidFlicks content to a TV or device.

    You can still cast your entire chrome browser or tab to your device, here is more information from Google on how to do so.

  • How do refunds work?

    Since we are a digital content platform, payments made to YidFlicks are non-refundable.

    You can always cancel your membership at any time, and this will result with you not being billed again in the future.

    You will also continue to have access to the site until the remainder of the time period you have paid for.

    For example, if you signed up for an annual subscription and cancelled after six months, you will not be re-billed once the year is over, and will be able to continue to enjoy full access to the site until the end of the year.