Parsha Videos

Shazak! – Parshas Balak
What If I Dont Understand?
Shazak! – Parshas Chukas
Shazak! – Parshas Korach
Don’t Kvetch! – Parshat Behaalotecha
Shazak! – Beha’aloscha
Shazak! – Parshas Naso
Shazak! – Parshas Bamidbar
Shabbas Shmooze with Charlene – Parshas Bechukotai
Shazak! – Parshas Bechukosai
Shazak! – Parshas Behar
Don’t Kill Time! – Shabbos Shmooze with Charlene | Parshas Emor
Learn This Before Making Any Decision
Shazak! – Parshas Emor
What You Don’t Say Matters | Self Development Basics
Shazak! – Parshas Tazria
We Choose Silence – Parshat Shemini
Shazak – Parshas Tsav
Shazak! Queen Of Persia: The Purim Story
Shazak – Parshas VaYikra
Parshas VaYakhel – Shazak
Parshat Ki Tisa – Shabbat Shmooze with Charlene!
Parshat Tetzaveh – Shabbat Shmooze with Charlene!
Parshas Tetsaveh – Shazak
Parshat Teruma – Shabbat Shmooze with Charlene
Parshas Terumah – Shazak
Learn About Parshas Bo
Parshat Mishpatim: You Can’t Collect the Feathers! – Shabbat Shmooze with Charlene
Forward with Faith – Shabbat Schmooze Parshat Beshalach
Parshas Yisro – Shazak
Shazak | Parshas Beshalach
Parshas Bo – Shazak
Reach Beyond Your Limits, Parshas Shemos
Parshas Va’eira – Shazak
Shazak | Parshas Shemos
Shazak – Parshas Vayechi
Uncle Moishy – Parshas Toldos
Uncle Moishy – Sefer Shemos
Uncle Moishy wishes you a Good Shabbos, Parshas Vayikra!
Uncle Moishy – Shabbos Shira
Parshas Vayigash – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Miketz – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Vayeishev – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Vayeitzei – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Toldos – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Chayei Sarah – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Vayeira – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Lech Lecha – Presented by Shazak!
Parshas Noach – Presented by Shazak!
Sparks Chukat: Secret Giving
Sparks Korach: Make Your Dreams Practical
Sparks Shelach: Half Full OR Half Empty?
Shazak! Parshas Naso
Shazak! Parshas BaMidbar
Shazak Shorts – BaMidbar Part 2
Shazak Shorts – Bamidbar Part 1
A Children’s Purim Story -King Ivor Lot
Sparks Of Giving – Vezot Habracha: Save A Starfish
Sparks Of Giving – Ha’azinu: Be An Eagle
Sparks Of Giving – Vayelech: How Would You Spend Your Last Day?
Sparks Of Giving – Nitzavim: L’chaim! L’chaim! L’chaim!
Sparks Of Giving – Ki Tavo: GIVE! – It Will Make You Happy
Sparks Of Giving – Ki Teitzei: Find Your Path To Greatness
Sparks Of Giving – Shoftim: Keeping Track Of Your Goal
Sparks Of Giving – Re’eh: Use YOUR Tools To GIVE!
Sparks Of Giving – Eikev: Ps & Qs
Sparks Of Giving – Va’etchanan: Cruel To Be Kind
Sparks Of Giving – Devarim: Help Without Embarrassment
Sparks Of Giving – Ma’asei: Prison Vs Cities Of Refuge
Sparks Of Giving – Pinchas: Give Constantly And Consistently
Sparks Of Giving – Balak: Beware The Evil Eye
Sparks Of Giving – Chukat: Give Anonymously
Sparks Of Giving – Korach: Look Inside Of Yourself
Sparks Of Giving – Shelach: Receive Carefully
Sparks Of Giving – Beha’alotcha: Stand By Them
Sparks Of Giving – Naso: Give In Both Physical And Spiritual
Sparks Of Giving – Bamidbar: Be Unique
Sparks Of Giving – Bechukotai: When You Give See The Whole Person
Sparks Of Giving – Behar: The Responsibility To Give Is On US
Sparks Of Giving – Emor: Put GIVING Into Your Schedule
Sparks Of Giving – Kedoshim: Look Deeper
Sparks Of Giving – Acharei Mot: The Inside Makes All The Difference
Sparks Of Giving – Metzorah: Good Speech/Bad Speech
Sparks Of Giving – Tazria: Keep Your Words Kosher
Sparks Of Giving – Shemini: Fins And Scales
Sparks Of Giving – Tzav: DOING vs BEING
Sparks Of Giving – Vayikra: What’s With The Offerings?!?
Sparks Of Giving – Pekudei: Give What THEY Want
Sparks Of Giving – Vayakhel: Unleash Your Hidden Talents
Sparks Of Giving – Ki Tisa: Partner With God
Sparks Of Giving – Tetzaveh: Open Up Your Heart When Judging
Sparks Of Giving – Terumah: Develop The Skill Of Giving
Sparks Of Giving – Mishpatim: See The Good In Others
Sparks Of Giving – Yitro: Daddy, Whom Do You Love More? Me Or God?
Sparks Of Giving – Beshalach: When The Going Gets Tough…Give!
Sparks Of Giving – Bo: Swarm Together To GIVE!
Sparks Of Giving – Va’eira: Put Yourself In Their Shoes
Sparks Of Giving – Shemot: Be A Well
Sparks Of Giving – Vayechi: Focus On Your Strengths
Sparks Of Giving – Vayigash: Step Up