Shavuos Videos

Uncle Moishy – Giving the Torah
Uncle Moishy – Lessons for Shavuos
Uncle Moishy – Being Humble
Uncle Moishy – A Message for Shavuos
Uncle Moishy – Almost Shavuos!
How To Build The Perfect Cheese Board Just In Time For Shavuos
Shavuos with Morah Keli from Kreative Kidz!
Grain-Free Graham Cracker Crust Cheesecake
Freezer Friendly Shavuos Recipes
Shavuos Lesson With Morah Ester
Shavuos Flower Art Project with Morah Ester
Let’s Make Cheesecake For Shavuos With Morah Rochel!
The Shavuos Ice Cream Song With Morah Ester!
Shavuos With Morah Chaya
The Shavuot Medley
Shazak! Shavuos: The Matan Torah Story