Benny Friedman | Pesach In Der Heim – Ft. Zaltz Band & Yedidim

Just picture a Yiddishe Mother in the kitchen, preparing for Pesach in Yerushalayim, Lakewood, Manchester, Australia or anywhere else in the world – there will be one soundtrack playing on repeat and we guarantee that! Shloimy and the team asked the ultimate question: which songs best capture the essence of Pesach? The answer lies in this masterpiece, featuring global sensation Benny Friedman and the magnificent Yedidim Choir. Arrangements masterfully crafted by the Zaltz Band. This masterpiece has a classic touch with an edgy twist, courtesy of Zaltz’s signature style! “Pesach In Der Heim” brings you the classic tunes that fill the room at every Pesach Seder – In Der Heim!

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