DOVID LOWY | Tamid🇮🇱👁️ [Official Lyric Video]

I did something I’ve never done before… I introduced a brand new song at a post Tisha Ba’v Kumzits in the hopes to inspire people with a message. The message was how lucky we are to live in a place that the Torah says, Hashems Eyes are always on it…referring to Eretz Yisroel… little did I know just how powerful it would be. We all walked away inspired. The question that followed was, “nu Dovid when are you releasing the song?”… (b”H I write many songs, and I felt no particular reason to work on this one at that time) I simply replied in its right time…shortly after our World changed in Eretz Yisroel… Although it was difficult to think about music for the first few weeks of this war, I believe nows its time to share. We who are privileged to live in this Holy Land get front row seats to see History unfolding before our eyes. We witness the Divine Hand guiding us towards the finish line, and live with that awareness. To my brethren who have not yet joined us… I ask you to please consider joining us now to the Land that Hashem Himself says He’s with תמיד.

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