Eli Levin- Bayomim Haheim

Chanukah has arrived, and a man is standing by his Chanukah Menorah together with his son. He’s ready to light, but he pauses, swaying, deep in thought. He lost his father this year, and standing in front of his father’s Menorah is bringing back all these memories of the traditions that his father had passed on… So many of us have lost loved ones recently, and Yom Tov is a time that causes those memories to surface and make them so sorely missed. The message of this song is that a father always loves his child. Our grandparents are watching over us as we pass on these beautiful traditions to our own children. Hashem, our Father, loves us immeasurably and he has given us these Mitzvos to create a chain that spans our entire history. We are all connected, father to son, and these traditions keep us strong in our faith and allow us to connect our parents to our own children. May we light the Menorah next year in the Beis Hamikdash in Yerushalayim!

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