Eli Levin Ft. Pumpidisa – Halelu

I learnt this song years ago in Israel and I fell in love with its energy. I decided then that this song must be heard by my friends in America. It’s been many years, and I am excited to finally release this music video. כל הנשמה תהלל יה הללויה Let every living, breathing creature praise God! This summer I went with my cousins Tzvi and Matt Levin of Pumpidisa to Sam’s Point in Ellenville, NY to film this production. We felt we needed to collaborate on this video because of our special experiences together in Israel, where we learnt this song. Watch this video with an open heart, and I hope it inspires you to love, and feel loved, by our creator! Raise up your hands, take a deep breath, and praise our God!

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