Incredible Science | 2000 Spiderballs Polymer Ball Grow and Throw

200 Spiderballs thrown on me in bathtub What are Spider Balls and why do we call them that? Drop one in water and find out as a multitude of multicolored balls will burst forth from the green sac and grow up to 100 times its size within hours! You can roll, throw, bounce, and try to squish the balls once they are hydrated- just like real spiders! Control the range of size by adjusting the amount of water you add. Sure to provide endless delight and days of fun! They slip, slide, and explode. Put them in hot and cold water, throw a few in ginger ale. Watch the effervescence in wonder as Spider Balls hydrate and fizz and foam. Add salt to Spider Balls and watch the effect in awe. Leave a few hydrated Spider Balls out, and watch as they return to their original size. Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: Learn about the incredible properties of polymers as you grow the “balls”. Discuss hydrophilic properties and superabsorbent polymers. Dry the “balls” and determine how fast evaporation will take place and then start the process again. Hypothesize what will happen to the orbs once the water evaporates from them. Discuss color, light and classification and how these water hungry crystals can play a huge part in helping our environment. Find a water-safe surface and play the slimiest game of marbles in town, or try out your new jelly bouncy ball. You can even try to grow your amazing spheres in different liquids, like milk, vegetable oil, or salt water. Use a notebook and record your hypotheses and observations! With this kit you will: • Sort, hypothesize, and test, just like a real scientist. • Add water and watch your Spider Balls change expand and grow. • Learn about the amazing superabsorbent polymer. • Use physics magic to make the Spider Balls grow and shrink over time. Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry, applied chemistry, physics

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