Incredible Science | Giant Newton’s Cradles Tricks and Lights

This incredible GIANT version of Newton’s Cradle is almost 10″ tall and its polished chrome balls are 2″ in diameter. Mesmerize kids and adults as they watch the pendulum action of the balance balls hit and bounce off each other. Also makes for a great physics desk toy for teachers or place it in your office. Demonstrate the law of conservation of energy and momentum with a Newton’s Cradle! This large Newton’s Cradle is one of the most incredible — and popular — physics toys ever made. Named after Sir Isaac Newton and his Third Law of Motion, Newton’s Cradle is an instant classic that’s sure to provide a valuable glimpse into the world of physics in a way that’s sure to grab the attention. Newton’s Third Law states, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and this is shown through how Newton’s Cradle behaves. When you lift 1, 2, 3, or 4 balls high and let go, the moving balls will hit the resting balls, causing the same number of balls that you lifted to swing back and up on the other side! You can also do some neat tricks. Check out the video below…Pretty cool, huh? Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: A great into into physics and a perfect way to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Demonstrate the law of conservation of energy and momentum.

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