Incredible Science | Gravity Goo Slime Balls Orbeez Polymers Kit

The Gravity Goo Orbeez kit will amaze you with more than 6 fun filled, science based experiments. With this amazing kit, you’ll mix up your own batch of gravity-defying goo that flows uphill as it “self-siphons” from one cup to another! Use the fizzing color tablets to make the “goo” in all kinds of colors, grow the spheres, even make them disappear! Also included are the amazing “Clear Spheres” and colorful “Garbled Marbles” that absorb up to 300 times their weight in water to become slimy jelly balls that bounce. You’ll learn to connect these spherical wonders to your Gravity Goo so that it takes them along for the ride as it sneaks uphill. Some of the fun activities you will do with this kit are: Self-Siphoning Goo – Colorful Gravity Goo – Growing Spheres – Garbled Goo – Color Spheres – Disappearing Spheres and more! Gravity Goo is an incredible polymer that acts in a very unusual and fun way. Gravity Goo combines the sponge-like properties of polyacrylamide polymers and the molecular linking properties of acrylic co-polymers. Those are basically big words that mean that your Gravity Goo is going to soak up lots of water and you’ll find that it likes to stick together.

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