Incredible Science | How To Make Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream at Home with Liquid Nitrogen

Only try with parental supervision. I made Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream just by using liquid nitrogen and neapolitan ice cream!! In 1988, Dippin’ Dots Founder Curt Jones changed the way the world enjoys ice cream. Jones, a microbiologist, pioneered the process of cryogenic encapsulation…a scientific way of saying he used super-cold freezing methods to make little beads of ice cream. Not only were the ice cream beads delicious and fun to eat, Jones knew that flash-freezing the ice cream ingredients would lock in flavor and freshness. With those qualities established, Dippin’ Dots were ready to take on the world! I learned a lot about cryogenic freezing and the history of dipping’ dots ice cream in making this video and hope you enjoy it.

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