Incredible Science | Invisible Liquid Glass Putty Polymer illusion ~

Crazy Aaron’s Liquid Glass Putty stretches, bounces, tears, and is completely crystal clear! It looks invisible when you open the container its in. You won’t believe there’s anything in there! But once you stick your fingers in the tin you’ll feel the chunk of “Invisible” Liquid Glass Putty! Melts back into a “puddle” after you place it back in its tin and leave it for a little while. Truly Incredible Science! Liquid Glass is AWESOME and as clear as glass. It’s like playing with molten glass except it’s not molten. Makes the perfect science stress ball putty for fun and learning. Important Notes: Any dirt that gets into Liquid Glass will show much more than in regular Thinking Putty. Liquid Glass may begin to appear opaque once it is handled HOWEVER it will magically return to its clear state when leftalone for a period of time!

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