Incredible Science | Make Water Disappear Instantly

Turn water into a solid and make it disappear as you amaze the crowd. They’ll watch you pour water into a cup and then instantly turn the cup over and nothing will come out! Magic! Science! Solid Water! Amaze the crowd with this incredible Solid Water kit. It also comes with a growing polymer alligator that grows and grows inside the test tube when you add water. Enjoy some hands-on learning fun as you measure and keep track of the alligator’s growth. The incredible secret is the science of superabsorbent polymers that absorb many times their weight in water. You’ll learn more about these incredible molecules as you explore the special Water Gel™ powder. Just a pinch of powder turns water into a solid gel! You’ll also learn about evaporation as you watch the alligator shrink back to his original size when exposed to air. For more disappearing water magic check out our water gel. Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry, applied chemistry. Find out what the growing powder has in common with baby diapers. Learn the science of polymers. This water gel demonstration is one of the coolest science-magic tricks you’ll ever see! Watch as a cup of water vanishes right before your eyes! The secret lies in the super absorbent power of the water gel. This gel is a polymer called sodium polyacrylate. It’s a safe non-toxic gel that absorbs between 800-1000 times its weight in water! The powder turns water into a gel-like slush. Enjoy the looks on the faces of your audience as you demonstrate this incredible science experiment. Various activity suggestions included!

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