Kosher Business Advice II (Kosherfest 2021)

In this video, from all walks of life, all different types of products, all within the food industry, business executives have come together once again, for part II of the recent Kosherfest Expo in the Meadowlands. This episode discussed what is the common denominator to success that connects any business executive, in any industry. Interviewees included Garry Lichtenstein, Joel Forta, Keith Jones, Joel Weinberger, Ira Perlmuter, Avi Leneman, Mordy Pascal, Joseph Busani, Jacob Busani, Lipa Ribat, Jonah Goldstein, Abe Singer, Gabriel Cohen, LaTonya King, Avi Golden, Dr. Ari Korenblit, Felipe Kleiman, Joel Schwartz, Yehuda Lipkind, Rochelle Rothman, Wincy Barreau, Sion Gelgor, Sara Maltz, Danny Mizrahi, Jacob Menczer, and Joseph Silberstein

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