Nati and Friends

Nati and Friends

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Nati and Freinds

Schticky, Shpitz and Rogalleh are classmates who decide to start a secret club to solve mysteries.
Mild mannered Rogalleh is easygoing and easy to persuade, following his friends wherever they go.
Cheeky Schticky is adventurous and kindhearted with a vivid imagination.
Shpitz is the brains of the outfit – he’s a Talmid Chocham who loves to study.
We also meet Nati, who makes his living in his workshop where he tinkers and fixes all sorts of things.

Nati has many ideas and inventions, both NEWish and JEWish. Much of his work is dedicated to tzedakah and good deeds.
Schticky, Shpitz and Rogalleh are regulars at Nati’s workshop, where they come to pick up or borrow or buy things for their adventures. This particular visit takes longer than planned, as the boys learn that not everything is as it seems, and that there are always opportunities to do Mitzvos as well as solve their mysteries.

Run time: One hour.

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