Parenting With Boruch Menashe Adlin

Being a single girl, I found it very interesting to speak with Boruch Menashe Adlin about parenting. He was the struggling dad. The father that was thrown into parenting without any guidance. He was the one who had to learn on the job. After a few years of struggling he decided, “That is it! I am making it my life mission to help those new parents.” People go to college to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc, but there is no college to become a parent. That is where Boruch Menashe Adlin comes in. He created a parenting course to guide parents to better understand their children. Mr. Adlin works with these parents to help them not have to go through what he went through and help them avoid having to back peddle everything by setting up a structured program to effectively start their parenting journey.

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