Pure Groove – Blue Melody Featuring Simcha Leiner & Eli Marcus

What makes you get up and dance? Simple. Music that grooves so hard you can’t help but move to the beat. Want to hear the tightest groove in Jewish music today? Want to know what it’s like to experience a simcha where you can’t help but dance? You’ve come to the right place. Because after all, what matters more at a wedding than a tight, immaculate-sounding band to help you dance the night away? Nothing. Blue Melody knows this and quite frankly, the groove is our passion. We proudly invite you to experience this video shot live (yes, this is what we sound like in person!) at the wedding of Eli and Nechama Hazan on November 30th, 2022 in the Brightstone Hall! The arrangements are precise. The groove is palpable. The stage is on fire, with stunning vocals from Jewish Music superstars Simcha Leiner and Eli Marcus. Lighting meticulously designed and executed by Eagle Production Company elevates the action on stage to a whole new level. See and hear for yourself what over thirteen hundred clients already know – no one makes you dance like Blue Melody!

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