Samcheinu – Azarya And Luzy Klatzko; Composed By Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Azarya Klatzko is a multi talented yeshiva student, proficient in violin, piano as well as singing and harmonies. His brother, Luzy, has been featured in many songs and is a talented singer and harmonist as well. The most beautiful thing about their brotherly connection is that the love and friendship you see in this song is even stronger in real life! The musical Klatzko family continues to offer the gift of their music, being mesamech Klal Yisrael in these difficult times. Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, who is a Rabbi and mekarev, has been releasing tens of his musical compositions over the past few years. While many of his songs are slow and beautiful, he has also composed numerous fast and catchy nigunim that have spread throughout the Jewish world. If you enjoyed this song, there are many more Klatzko nigunim you can listen to and are available on Spotify, YouTube, NakiRadio and many other platforms.

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