The Jewish Jedi- Part 2

Thank you to all of our amazing actors who put in so many hours to make this happen! Cast: Dovid Tzvi Daskal -Main Actor Akiva Stein- Main Actor Dovid Spivak- Man Actor/ Choshech Vader Akiva Bressel- Choshech Vader Akiva Balsam- Hashavas Aveida Man Directed and Written by: Akiva Balsam Click here to see our full website !!!! Brand New Announcement!! We have just created the most AMAZING ONLINE COURSE CALLED 3X BETTER BRAIN!! Click here to view the free intro… To sponsor an episode or to leave us feedback please contact us at [email protected] we’d love to hear from you!! If you would like the Kosher Vids team to film your next video please contact us via [email protected] Please, please, please help make this channel a success and share with others, like and subscribe!! Thanks!! The Kosher Vids Team is run by The Mesivta of Waterbury. Please make sure to subscribe to the Kosher Vids Podcast on Spotify, itunes and Google Music………… Kosher Vids Twitter Kosher Vids Instagram Kosher Vids Facebook

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