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Young Avraham


An incredible film about the true events that happened to Avraham Avinu throughout his lifetime.

We’ve scoured the archives to find you this gem of a movie! Based on research in Midrashim and the Meam Loez, Young Avraham brings to life early events in Avraham’s life in true cinematic beauty.

Runtime: 48 minutes

Producers: Rabbi Saadia Elhadad, Eliyahou Cohen, Moshe Dayan

Writers: Rabbi Jacob Potashnik & Ronald Mezey

Director: Todd Schaffer

From the Midrashim
Drawing from rabbinical sources in the Midrash and the Meam Loez, this film presents events from right before Avraham Avinu was born until the climactic moment when he is thrown into the fire by Nimrod.

Suitable for all audiences.

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