Dobby Baum | A Mother’s Cry (Official Music Video) | Women & Girls Only

Women & Girls Only As seen the movie “Insight” a Dreamcatch Media Production. Song written by : Chaya Sara Schlussel Sung by: Dobby Baum Actresses: Dobby Baum & Temmy Pavlov This song is very close to my heart- it’s not just any song- as a mother and daughter I feel the pain of these lyrics- I hope you can all connect to the song the same way I did- when I was recording the song – I was crying 😭- as parents we all want what is best for our child- however the future is unpredictable and we just have to place our trust and love in G-D’s hands. Children might not always feel our love wholeheartedly, and so we pray that G-D will give them all the love we feel for our precious children. As daughters – we may not always see eye to eye with our parents – however KNOW that they LOVE us and it’s not always easy to feel the love and security. Challenges happen and we question G-D – but in the end of the day- He has a perfect plan and knows what is best. It’s not easy – but you are not alone ♥️.

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