Bracha Jaffe & Devorah Schwartz | For Women and Girls Only – Bonei Olam Vzakeini

As Jewish women, we have a few beautiful Mitzvos that are meant just for us. One of these special Mitzvos, and quite possibly the most fundamental of them all, is the Mitzva of Hadlakas Neiros – lighting candles on Friday night to welcome in the Shabbos. The moment that we light the candles and bring in the Shabbos is such an auspicious time for tefila, a true Eis Ratzon. As we go through the different stages of our lives, we use this special Zman Tefila to request different things from Hashem. As a newly married woman, we may ask for Shalom Bayis. As an older woman, we may ask Hashem to help us achieve that which we want to achieve in our lifetime. But there is one thing that is always on our minds at this special time. No matter what age or stage, we use this time to plead with Hashem that he grant us with “Bonim U’vnei Bonim”, children that will follow in the path of Hashem and bring us joy and pride. When I light my Shabbos candles each week, I am filled with gratitude to Hashem as I thank him for the beautiful ברכה that he has granted me with, my husband and 5 dear children who bring me undiluted joy and pride. At the same time, my heart is not whole. While I think of my beautiful gifts, my beautiful children, I think of the unimaginable pain of a woman who is childless and is longing to hold a child in her arms. As she too lights her candles, she begs Hashem to grant her the beautiful gift of “Bonim U’vnei Vanim”, children who will light up her life and carry on her legacy. As Jewish people, it is our essence to think of others as we think of ourselves and to carry the pain of our Jewish brethren and sisters as we carry our own pain. Here’s where Bonei Olam comes in. Bonei Olam has elevated this Mitzva of Hadlakas Neiros in the most beautiful way by creating the “V’Zakeini” movement, a program that allows Jewish women all over the world to not just think about their sisters that are in pain, but to take that feeling and turn it into action. As we light each week, we donate money towards fertility treatments of women who suffer from childlessness and the pain of longing to cradle a baby in their arms.

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