Sharon Made A Deal With GOD! Hebrew Hits Episode 77

Sharon Is Starting to live her passion and create her dreams at 70 Years Old! I Am Blown Away From This Woman! After hearing her story, I knew she had to be on my podcast, Hebrew Hits! Sharon is God willling going to be 70 years old in October and at this age, she has decided to transition her career! She was a teacher for all of these years, but she knew she always wanted to read and sing to children in hospitals. Sharon teaches us that you are never too young or old to follow your passion! Sharon has to be in a children’s cancer hospital and this is where she has discovered her passion to bring joy to children in the hospital suffering from cancer and other illnesses. Sharon will share some tragic things she has gone through in her life, but has not let any of that stop her. Her drive is there, her connection to Hashem is there, and her gratitude towards life is exploding! In this episode you will find out what deal she has made with GOD and let me tell you, it is a deal that GOD cannot refuse! Tune in to heat what that deal is! Sharon, thank you so much for being my new friend and inspiration, I look forward to seeing more of the work we do together!

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