Incredible Science | How to Make SLIME BUBBLES! – with ASMR!

Slime and Bubbles together! Hey guys welcome back! In this video I show you how to make slime using safe items you probably already have at home and then I show you how to make bubbles with the slime! The slime is made without borax and only needs 3 ingredients! Elmer Clear Glue, Baking Soda and Contact Lens Solution! It’s awesome and feels so good to play with! I hope you have fun making these slime bubbles. There are many recipes for slime but I’ve found (after tons of time spent watching other youtube videos) that this method is the best method because you end up with great slime! TIP: Keep adding contact solution a little bit at a time until it’s not sticky but don’t add too much or it will become too tough and not like slime putty. TIP: Store it in a bag or container when you are not using it so that it won’t dry out.

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