Lakewood Life | GRAND OPENING of TWO new stores in Jackson, NJ!

2 in 1 Barsalino hats and Atica suits! Join us for an exclusive walkthrough with Nathan, the store manager, as we explore this magnificent establishment. First up, Borsalino, the renowned hat store boasting a diverse array of options in styles, sizes, colors, and hair finishes. Need repairs? No problem! From steaming to framers, they got you covered to fix any issue with your hat. But wait, there’s more! Introducing Atica, offering a new class in suiting, which Lakewood has yet to have seen. Half and fully canvassed suits, made from luxurious Italian fabrics in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and budgets. Atica’s premium non-iron shirts are renowned for being the finest in the market From pants to ties, cufflinks to Italian made shoes, whether you prefer classic oxfords or vibrant boots, they have you covered. And don’t miss the winter gear selection, featuring coats crafted from the highest quality fabrics to keep you warm in style, along with scarfs and gloves to complete your ensemble. Venture into our back store section for VIP treatment, featuring the finest suits and custom-made options available.

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